Yuan-Shin Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (YSMTC) was established in 2004 with the full support of Taiwan Styrene Monomer Corporation (TSMC). Using TSMC’s R&D laboratory as the basis for process design and scale-up capabilities, and in collaboration with Taiwan’s national research institutes, YSMTC has developed commercial production technologies for organofluorine compounds over the past few decades. YSMTC has been granted 24 patents, covering the synthesis of Parylene AF4 and its precursors, in the United States, Japan, China and Taiwan. The purity of YSMTC Parylene AF4 is the highest on the market, and the quality has been certified by world-renowned companies.

In addition to the known properties of parylene nano coating, such as pin-hole free conformal coating, waterproof, salt spray resistance, etc., the unique properties of chemical solvent resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, UV resistance and high temperature resistance highlight the particularity of Parylene AF4 nano coating.

Quality Policy

YSMTC owns leading production technology and provides excellent quality products to satisfy customer needs

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